When it comes to the arts: writing, performing, creativity, I believe in cross-pollination. You know, bees and shit.

That's why I'll probably be quoting artist and craftsperson Jordan Nevins (he goes by "Jevins") a lot in this blog. He's a total psycho and a wonderful creative mind, and he always seems to stumble onto soundbites worth thinking about.

Last night, he was hypothesizing that it can be just as valuable to stay and watch an open mic or a mid-level feature show as it is to watch a Netflix or HBO special, because the successes of not-legend-status comics will be more similar to mine. If I watch "2017" by Louis CK, "it's going to be entertaining to [me] for reasons that I don't recognize make it good. I'm not going to pick up on the magic that puts it together." It'll just be all slap-farts and lizard brain for me, while CK works on a different level.

Sometimes you have a stupid simple realization. Of course this is the case, but I think eager young comics (AKA this guy) get swept up in trying to be successful quickly, instead of focusing on the attainable basics that make you good.

In other news, this guy was in my shower this morning:
After I got done shitting my pants, I transferred him gracefully to the toilet, where he journeyed to some other person's bathroom. They can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes. This was the largest cockroach I've ever seen. Cue Jay-Z Empire State of Mind.

I met Joanna, a badass bitch whose been doing comedy for almost a year. She gave me way more valuable information than my dancy ass deserves. She recommended I go to The Creek and the Cave for it's cultural significance in the NYC scene, and said of networking, "It's like 50% of the job." That's depressing, but a good figure to keep in mind. She gets paid actual money to do actual comedy.

I also met Jason, a comic whose just a few months ahead of me in the pipeline. He's a giant Asian guy who does lots of material about how giant and Asian he is. He killed right before me at the open mic, so I will forever hold a blood grudge against his family. He also told me about the podcast Let's Talk about Sets, in which smart comics listen to sets and then break them down. That sounds awesome, so maybe the blood debt it filled.

Long post! Woaaaaah! This is what happens when you write in the morning after meditating. I am a zen fucking god of creative writing.


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