I interview a New York Equity Actor who is also a Comedian!

Howdy folks! So I accosted a comedian, the very funny Molly Densmore, after an open mic a few days ago. This was before going on my spirit quest in the mosh pit, so production time slowed down a bit. BUT, she's a comedian with a theater background, and I wanted to share some of the highlights from our conversation.

JO: What's your relationship to jokes versus act-outs?
MD: That's a basic bitch question. (laughs) No, I'm kidding.
JO: It really is, it really is.
MD: I think I personally like act-outs, because of the background [in theater and improv], and I have kind of a knack for it. But there are so many people who never do act outs who are phenomenal, so it really depends on your thing.

JO: So that's something that comes more naturally to you, as opposed to the sit-and-write jokey stuff?
MD: Definitely. I mean, Maria Bamford is one of my favs, obviously-
MD: She's... Jesus. And I'm learning that, even though I'm still pretty new, where a lot of my laughs come from is incorporating that [act-outs]. It's more just finding what your shit is, and just going with it.

JO: Are you a person who writes every day, or do you just write when it occurs to you?
MD: I try to write every day. I don't. I think one advantage you have, if you have an acting background - and I could totally redact this later, I could be totally wrong - people say "go five mics a night, do it all the time." I try to do at least one per week, and I try to write every day. And I do get stage fright, but I mean, most of the time when people are saying to get up, the biggest thing is just getting over that. To just take who you are in life, and be that onstage. Most people, justifiably, are terrified to do that.*

*emphasis mine

If you're curious to check out her very professional webpage (which reminds me just how much I truly am scum), check that out here! She's a goddamn professional.

Big thank you to Molly, and I'll see you all tomorrow!



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