Coffee? Check. Notebook? Check. Happiness? Maybe not necessary.

I listened to an interview with The Office writer and actor BJ Novak last night. He says that for his writing, it's important to cultivate a state of happiness.

He'll sleep as much as he needs, let his mind compost, and insert enough coffee until he's adequately happy to start writing.

But opposed to that, brilliant author Paulo Coehlo says that he'll amble around uselessly all morning until enough guilt builds up in him to start writing.

Examples and counter-examples of this abound: some people who need a state of joy to write/create, and others who need no such bliss. For me, I can take away a simple lesson: don't wait for everything to be just right. Not necessarily, anyway. For you, or me, or the next creative person, we may be under the misguided belief that happiness is necessary to create art. Or (and I believe this is more often the case), we may believe that misery or active pain is required.

What's important is listening to your process over time. Take note over time of how you generate your best work, and realize that it may be different than the next person. I suspect that for most, they'll generate their best work in the daily transition between "this is shitty I'll never succeed" and "okay this feels alright".

Once you've learned your balance, make sure you take note and use it.

That's all for today! I go to a show at the Comedy Cellar tonight! (yes, that one)

See you tomorrow!



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