All of Old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

That's some classic theater-school inspiration for you. Another couple open mics last night, and another two mediocre performances from me.

I should take a moment to admit and appreciate that I am not bombing, in the traditional sense: I am not performing to silence. I am getting polite titters throughout my sets, which is what most of every open mic is all about. But god dammit if that is not frustrating as hell.

Heard a theory of stand-up, that there are two kinds of comics: 1) Joke-based, and 2) Charisma-based. Examples of the first might be Demetri Martin, Mitch Headburg, or Steven Wright. Examples of the latter may be Dane Cook, Robin Williams, or even Doug Stanhope.

I think that the joke-based versus charisma (or performance) -based dichotomy is really just two ends of a spectrum. Most comics fall somewhere in the middle. My guess is that most comics also start at one end, and work their way towards the center.

The really good comedians learn to disguise the jokes they tell. I magician-like weaving of jokes along with act-outs and cartoonism.

Made a commitment to try all new material tonight. Wrote up a storm this morning. Onwards.



  1. I used to love Steven Wright... Grew up listening to 'I have a pony' on cassette. Still remember half of those jokes. hehe. Keep up the great blog, I'm reading along with your adventures. - Cameraman Ken

    1. Steven Wright is a classic. Minimal, absurd, and really a delight. Thanks for reading man!

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