Goofy Eagle has Landed

Hey all!

No comedy tonight, just getting settled in Brooklyn. Everything is filthy. Like legitimately decrepit. It's wonderful.

The shuttle bus out of the airport was like something out of 28 Days Later. At LaGuardia Airport, every shuttle bus is the last shuttle bus. I overheard a woman say, "I'm so scared."

I spoke with a comic last night who was just getting started. I wanted to give him hella advice, but that would have been awkward. Instead, I thought about the advice I would give myself when I was first starting up:

1) perform every night
2) write every day

It doesn't matter if you have nothing to say, you go up every night, or as often as you can. It's not even about being funny, it's about being comfortable onstage. You can't even start to be good until you're comfortable onstage. It has to be like breathing.

Write about stories, struggles, and beliefs. If you run out of those things, just write monologue/topical jokes. If you run out of those things, write street jokes (knock-knock, etc).

"If you think about something more than three times a week, you have to write about it."
-Louis CK

So there you go! My first real open mic is tomorrow, so wish me luck!



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